PROOFREADING typically involves correcting typographical and punctuation errors, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes as well as formatting inconsistencies.

COPYEDITING covers the same areas, but can extend to word usage, capitalization, word breaks, and over-all tone.

, which can extend from moderate to heavy, seeks to achieve clarity of subject, logic, and consistency. In the substantive editing process, confusing and awkward writing may be reworked while sentences are analyzed for structure/syntax and readability. Run-on sentences are identified and corrected. Excessive repetition is removed or highlighted for review.

FORMATTING -- When required, style revisions will be suggested or implemented (e.g., page numbers, margins, headings, spacing, indentations/paragraphs, quotes, references, citations, footnotes/endnotes).

 I am currently working on “Captain D's Insanely Great Guidebook to Downeast Maine.” I contend it's the best guidebook ever compiled for our area because  it is the only one ever to touch upon every point of interest in the territory (which extends throughout eastern Maine, from Rockland to Calais, and from Bangor to Mount Desert Island). A work in progress, check it out at

Mailing Address: Edit-It Editorial Services, Box 357 Ellsworth, ME 04605.

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GIVE US a shot. Before submitting your manuscript for publication, run it by us. Editing by us will greatly enhance your chances of acceptance.

Let me introduce us. We're Jack Malaby and Richard Baker, longtime residents o
f Downeast Maine. Between the two of us, we bring more than 70 years of experience to the editorial table. We're good and know it.

My friend Jack is t
he author of two books and has nearly completed a third. Using the pseudonym J. Thomas Ford, he has written numerous short stories and a nearly completed novella. He has polished them until they positively shine. He is meticulously conscientious and will bring unsurpassable expertise to your manuscript.

My given name is Richard, but I am known professionally as Captain D. Since the sixties, I have been engaged in editing and publishing both newspapers and magazines. These days I am focusing on Internet publishing; I maintain a "baker's dozen" Websites of my own and numerous others for various clients. My flagship Website is

Jack and I both have fine-tuned ears for coherent and colorful composition. W
e emphasize clarity of expression. Benefitting from our deft touches, your work will be approachable, memorable, and, most likely, publishable. We promise top-level quality at affordable prices and guarantee satisfaction unconditionally.

Let us prove it. Send us a sample of your work. A page or two will do. We will edit it to give you an idea of to expect from us. Concurrently, we will begin to understand your needs. We realize that every client has particular requirements. No assembly line mentality here. We regard every job as unique.

Perhaps you're considering publishing on demand. You're probably aware that digital technology is opening up exciting possibilities. Without a big investment, you can bring a book into the world, publishing however many copies you want. No more garages full of unwanted books. If you like, we can handle the details involved in sensable self-publishing, leaving you free to focus on writing.

Once published, marketing that book can pose problems. And here again we shine. We'll design and host a Website for that book, introducing you and your book to a world-wide audience. We can augment this with a FACEBOOK page. If you like, we can post sample chapters. Once hooked, readers can order books directly from you.

Let's consider money. Up here in small-town Maine, the cost of living is way less than that of big cities. We are spared their overheads. We have no offices, which means no secretarial, clerical, janitorial, or commuting costs. (Much of our work utilizes free WIFI from Karen's Cafe in downtown Ellsworth; truth be told our muffin bill can be considerable.) Muffins notwithstanding, the other savings are reflected in our attractive rates. It's the b
est of all worlds. Our work is fast, accurate, and affordable, as well as completely professional.

If you like, you can hire us as a team. One of us will edit your work; one of us will edit the edit. This will give you two fresh perspectives. We won't release your job or expect payment until we've all agreed it's as good as it can possibly be.

Richard W. Baker
a.k.a. Captain D

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